Lenten Altar Curtain

  • Altar Curtains feature a single embroidered and beaded cross.
  • We will provide you with a finished curtain to which you will simply affix the appropriate curtain tape for your curtain runner.
  • AUBERGINE 100% polyester de-lustered duchess satin.
  • Machine embroidered, meticulously sewn, dry cleanable & fully lined.
  • The cross is exactly 16 inches tall so you will need to calculate where you want the cross to sit on your curtain. This is done by indicating the length from the bottom of the curtain runner to the point where you want the top of the cross. We call this measurement the CROSS PLACEMENT LENGTH.

The curtain is a standard price regardless of size.

Submit your order and we will forward you an email requesting the necessary measurements.

Lenten Altar Curtain
Lenten Altar Curtain