Altar Curtains


The ALTAR CURTAIN (Gr. katapetasma), drawn across the Royal Gates is an authentic feature of the earliest Byzantine icon screens. Over the centuries, they have been embellished with everyting from simple crosses to elaborate iconographic depictions. A focal point in the church, the Altar Curtain can be made of a number of different fabrics.

When considering installing an altar curtain, please provide us with photographs of the entire iconostasis as well as approximate measurements. There are many technical matters to consider when installing an altar curtain, some of them setting restrictions on what can and cannot be hung. Furthermore, where requested to do so, we are happy to offer suggestions on the most appropriate icon, cross or embellishment.

Altar curtains can be costly, but they need not always be so. Take a moment to browse through a very small selection of altar curtains RIZA ORTHODOX VESTMENTS has been commissioned to make in the past, and submit a request for further information. We will respond with answers to your questions, a measurement chart for final measurements and a quotation for the work.

If you have an idea, a picture of something you like, or you want us to create something unique for the Royal Gates of your church, we will be happy to oblige. The installation of an altar curtain is in every sense a collaborative effort and thorough communication is the key to a pleasing outcome.