Made to Order


Made to order vestments are the mainstay of the RIZA collection. They are made to the exact measurements of the intended wearer. Hand embroidered icons and beautifully worked ornaments are thoughtfully placed onto the various garments comprising sets for bishop, priest and deacon. These vestments are hand embroidered and therefore a broad selection of options and variations is available to our clients.

For example, an embroidered icon can replace an ornamental cross you may see in one of the pictures; any coloured silk can be used as a base fabric and of course, any of the motifs within each style can be applied to vestments for all stages of the priesthood.

Where there is say, a photograph of a bishop's set of vestments only, please note that we can apply the same motif to vestments for deacon and priest also.

Browse through the collection and upon selecting one or more options, submit your request, offering as much information as you care to provide. We will respond with answers to your questions, a measurement chart and quotation for the work.

If you have an idea, a picture of something you like, or you want us to create something unique, please submit a request and let us know how we can help.

Welcome to the RIZA ORTHODOX VESTMENTS - MADE TO ORDER collection.