Altar Servers Tunics


Add dignity and beauty to the liturgy by clothing your altar servers in tunics that correspond to the colours of the liturgical calendar. A broad selection of sizes constitutes a set, and each server will have access to a tunic that fits the wearer properly. That means - a tunic down to the top of the shoes, rather than midway between the calf and ankle which sadly is often the case. Young boys grow quickly, and as they grow there will be an appropriately sized tunic for him to wear. Priests who have purchased Riza Altar servers sets, often comment that the attitude and attention of the altar servers is greatly enhanced when they are dressed appropriately for the sacred services.

ALTAR SERVERS TUNICS are exclusively available for purchase in value added sets of 14 pieces. Each set contains 2 tunics in each of the 7 sizes for servers ranging in age from 5-18 years.

Individual tunics are not available for purchase.

Presently, the tunics are produced in the Dechani style only, however, an abundance of colours is available. White, burgundy, emerald, gold, and purple feature gold embroidery and blue has silver embroidery. The tunics are made of poly silk shantung and feature a richly embroidered and beaded cross on the back. Embroidery is added to the neckline, sleeves and hem of each garment.

Oraria for sub-deacons can be purchased separately for those who require them, by contacting us directly at