Shroud B

SHROUD B (Gr.epitaphios) used at the services of Great and Holy Friday, features a beautifully hand embroidered Lamentation Scene, mounted on the finest wine coloured silk, which is handsomely adorned with a delicate vine border worked in gold thread and adorned with rich gold lettering. The perimeter is trimmed with gold bullion fringes and is lined with burgundy taffeta.

For those who wish to encase the shroud in a glass frame when it is not in use, it is important to make sure that the shroud is properly attached so as to mitigate any possibility of sagging. At your request, we will affix a special hanging solution to the back of the shroud for you.

SHROUD B is available in two standard sizes:

Large: 66 x 52 inches (169cm x 132cm)
Small: 45 x 36 inches (114cm x 92cm)

Or, it can be made to your specifications. The troparia can be embroidered in Greek, English, Church Slavonic, Serbian or any other language or script. The Lamentation Scene can be embroidered in colour as in the photographs, or in gold and silver threads with coloured highlights.

If you wish to contact us before making a purchase or submitting a request please, click here. Otherwise, proceed with either option below.

Shroud B
Shroud B