Prothesis Covers

Covers for the Holy Table, accompanying covers for icon stands, lecterns and so on are all made to measure.

Generally, Holy Table covers come with detachable sides which are affixed with 'velcro' to a cover sheet along the vertical edge of the top. The drops are then buttoned at the sides.

For perfectly square cornered holy table tops, a snuggly fitted overlay hangs neatly over the sides.

For irregularly shaped tops, we recommend a loose overlay, weighed down at the corners with tassels.

A white linen cloth running from edge to edge is spread over the top.

Covers come in various fabric colours and the embroidery can also be done in various shades of gold, silver or colours.

Frontals often feature beautifully hand embroidered icons or ornamental crosses. Where appropriate, any of the embroidered crosses or icons on our website can be included.

Hand beaded ornaments with pearls, sequins and  other applications give the covers their primacy in the overall iconography of the church.

Matching gospel covers, lectern covers, icon stand covers, banners, gospel markers and chalice sets are also available.

Browse through the collection and upon selecting one or more options, submit a request, providing us with preliminary measurements of your Holy Table and where possible some photographs. We will respond with answers to your questions, a measurement chart for final measurements and a quotation for the work.

If you have an idea, a picture of something you like, or you want us to create something unique, please provide us with this information by submitting a request.